Saturday, February 6, 2010

What a new year.....

So.....thought I would give this blogger thing a try since I've had an account since September '08 and have yet to post

So maybe this first initial post should be about getting to know Divine Tokyoska a little better. I have been on SL for a little over 2 years does fly! I have met some amazing people and have done some amazing things in that time, and haven't one regret about my Slife:) I have managed to make a comfortable niche for myself in SL and feel very blessed to have found this virtual world that has done nothing but make me a better person in my RL. It's a sweet release from my chaotic reality and I have learned so much.

This new year hasn't been very kind to me RL wise, but SL couldn't be going any better. Who would have thought that my SL would be funding my RL?? Some say I lucked into my new profession...and yes...luck has A LOT to do with it...but I have busted my ass to get here...and plan on busting my ass to stay here.

This blog will simply be used to update my clients about my status and displaying my works. I plan on adding as many tutorials as I can to help those just getting started in this digital art game and hope to inspire many up and coming SLartists! You CAN go places in SL!! It's just a matter of hard work and finding your groove. Took me 2 years to get where I am, so I can't say it's a quick and easy road...but great things can happen! And I wish everyone could share in my good fortune.

So...I hope you enjoy your visit to my little blog and find it useful.

Big hugs and all that!!


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